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Senses Species

Behavioural sciences Hearing Bears
Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Biochemistry Olfaction Bees (Apis mellifera) Insects and Spiders
Taste Birds
Monkeys and Apes
Evolution Touch Cats (small and big) Rodents
Genetics Vision Dogs, wolves and foxes (Canidae) Plants
Chemoception Elephant PROKARYOTES (and other microrganisms)

Thermoception Extint Sea animals

Electro and Magnetoception Horses Others

A centimeter-long bacterium with DNA compartmentalized in membrane-bound organelles
A mysterious 80 nm amoeba virus with a near-complete “ORFan genome” challenges the classification of DNA viruses
A Nanophotonic Structure Containing Living Photosynthetic Bacteria
An oligotrophic deep-subsurface community dependent on syntrophy is dominated by sulfur-driven autotrophic denitrifiers
Anaerobic oxidation of short-chain hydrocarbons by marine sulphate-reducing bacteria
Anthropology of microbes
Antibiotic stops ‘ping-pong’ match
Antimicrobial Activity of Polyphenols and Alkaloids in Middle Eastern Plants
Antimicrobial resistance among migrants in Europe: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Archaeal chromatin ‘slinkies’ are inherently dynamic complexes with deflectedDNA 2wrapping pathways
Assimilation of Inorganic Nitrogen by Marine Invertebrates and Their Chemoautotrophic and Methanotrophic Symbionts
Bacterial chemolithoautotrophy via manganese oxidation
Brockarchaeota, a novel archaeal phylum with unique and versatile carbon cycling pathways
Carboxylate anion generation in aqueous solution from carbonate radiolysis, a potential route for abiotic organic acid synthesis on Earth and beyond
Cloning the vaccinia virus genome as a bacterial artificial chromosome in Escherichia coli and recovery of infectious virus in mammalian cells
Concurrent processes set E. coli cell division
Conversion of Escherichia coli to Generate All Biomass Carbon from CO2
Cryo-EM structure of the Blastochloris viridis LH1–RC complex at 2.9
Death of a chaperone
Distribution and phylogenies of enzymes of the Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas pathway from archaea and hyperthermophilic bacteria support a gluconeogenic origin of metabolism
Earth-like Habitable Environments in the Subsurface of Mars
Effect of Sugars on Chlamydia trachomatis Infectivity
Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus Hemorrhagic Disease in Asian Elephant Calves in Logging Camps, Myanmar
Engineered symbionts activate honey bee immunity and limit pathogens
Engulfed by speculation
Enlarging the Amino Acid Set of Escherichia coli by Infiltration of the Valine Coding Pathway
Entanglement between living bacteria and quantized light witnessed by Rabi splitting
Evidence for an early prokaryotic endosymbiosis
Evolution of a virus-like architecture and packaging mechanism in a repurposed bacterial protein
Expanding the Genetic Code of Escherichia coli
‘Follow the Water’: Hydrogeochemical Constraints on Microbial Investigations 2.4 km Below Surface at the Kidd Creek Deep Fluid and Deep Life Observatory
Gas with an ancient history
Gut microbiome–mediated bile acid metabolism regulates liver cancer via NKT cells
Gut microbiota mediates intermittent-fasting alleviation of diabetes-induced cognitive impairment
Health Disparities and the Microbiome
How Viral and Intracellular Bacterial Pathogens Reprogram the Metabolism of Host Cells to Allow Their Intracellular Replication
Hunting the eagle killer: A cyanobacterial neurotoxin causes vacuolar myelinopathy
H2O2 Tolerance in Pseudomonas Fluorescens: Synergy between Pyoverdine-Iron(III) Complex and a Blue Extracellular Product Revealed by a Nanotechnology-Based Electrochemical Approach

Ingestion of Lactobacillus strain regulates emotional behavior and central GABA receptor expression in a mouse via the vagus nerve
Insight on bacteria communities in outdoor bronze and marble artefacts in a changing environment
Isolation and Characterization of vB_PagP-SK1, a T7-Like Phage Infecting Pantoea agglomerans
Isolation of an archaeon at the prokaryote–eukaryote interface
Long-Term Sustainability of a High-Energy, Low-Diversity Crustal Biome
Manipulation of host-cell pathways by bacterial pathogens
Mechanisms of Action for Antimicrobial Peptides With Antibacterial and Antibiofilm Functions
Metabolic Signatures of Bacterial Vaginosis
Molecular Mechanisms for Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Pathogenesis in Alzheimer’s Disease
Methylobacterium ajmalii sp. nov., Isolated From the International Space Station
Micro- and Nanotopography Sensitive Bacterial Attachment Mechanisms: A Review
Microbial arms race: Ballistic “nematocysts” in dinoflagellates represent a new extreme in organelle complexity (Supplementary Material, Movie S1, Movie S2, Movie S3, Movie S4, Movie S5)
Microbiota of the Human Body (BOOK)
Novel soil bacteria possess diverse genes for secondary metabolite biosynthesis
Out of thin air
Parallel evolution of influenza across multiple spatiotemporal scales
Periodontal disease associates with higher brain amyloid load in normal elderly
Photoferrotrophy, deposition of banded iron formations, and methane production in Archean oceans
Physiology of Highly Radioresistant Escherichia coli After Experimental Evolution for 100 Cycles of Selection
Radiolytic H2 production on Noachian Mars: Implications for habitability and atmospheric warming
Reconstruction of the chemotaxis receptor–kinase assembly
Riddles in the cold: Antarctic endemism and microbial succession impact methane cycling in the Southern Ocean
Sense codon reassignment enables viral resistance and encoded polymer synthesis
Strains, functions and dynamics in the expanded Human Microbiome Project
Structure of photosynthetic LH1–RC supercomplex at 1.9 resolution
Sulfur mass-independent fractionation in subsurface fracture waters indicates a long-standing sulfur cycle in Precambrian rocks
The contribution of the Precambrian continental lithosphere to global H2 production
The first molecular characterisation of blue- and red-light photoreceptors from Methylobacterium radiotolerans
The industrial yeast Pichia pastoris is converted from a heterotroph into an autotroph capable of growth on CO2
The methane mystery
The puzzle in a bee’s gut
The Rotary Motor of Bacterial Flagella
Time for a change
Triacylglycerol and phytyl ester synthesis in Synechocystis sp. PCC6803 (SI)
Virus Infection of Plants Alters Pollinator Preference: A Payback for Susceptible Hosts?
X-ray structure of a prokaryotic pentameric ligand-gated ion channel

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