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Senses Species

Behavioural sciences Hearing Bears
Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Biochemistry Olfaction Bees (Apis mellifera) Insects and Spiders
Monkeys and Apes
Evolution Touch Cats (small and big) Rodents
Genetics Vision Dogs, wolves and foxes (Canidae) Plants
Chemoception Elephant Prokaryotes

Thermoception Extint Sea animals

Electro and Magnetoception Horses Others

Extint Birds
A cortex-like canonical circuit in the avian forebrain
A diminutive perinate European Enantiornithes reveals an asynchronous ossification pattern in early birds
A global initiative on sharing avian flu data
A high-precision chronology for the rapid extinction of New Zealand moa (Aves, Dinornithiformes)
A neural correlate of sensory consciousness in a corvid bird
A polar dinosaur feather assemblage from Australia
An Early Cretaceous enantiornithine (Aves) preserving an unlaid egg and probable medullary bone
An unusually large bird wing in mid-Cretaceous Burmese amber
Biological origins of color categorization
Biomolecular analyses reveal the age, sex and species identity of a near-intact Pleistocene bird carcass
Bird colour vision: behavioural thresholds reveal receptor noise
Categorical perception of colour signals in a songbird
Development of a QuEChERS method for simultaneous analysis of antibiotics in carcasses for supplementary feeding of endangered vultures
Do penguins’ vocal sequences conform to linguistic laws?
Double-Cone Localization and Seasonal Expression Pattern Suggest a Role in Magnetoreception forEuropean Robin Cryptochrome 4
Effects of Vulture Declines on Facultative Scavengersand Potential Implications for Mammalian DiseaseTransmission
Expression patterns of cryptochrome genes in avian retina suggest involvementof Cry4 in light-dependent magnetoreception
Extreme altitudes during diurnal flights in a nocturnal songbird migrant
Gloger’s rule isn’t just for the birds
How Oscillating Aerodynamic Forces Explain the Timbre of the Hummingbird’s Humand Other Animalsin Flapping Flight
Hunting the eagle killer: A cyanobacterial neurotoxin causes vacuolar myelinopathy
Intentional Fire-Spreading by “Firehawk” Raptors in Northern Australia
Invisible barriers: Differential sanitary regulations constrain vulture movements across country borders
Late Cretaceous neornithine from Europe illuminates the origins of crown birds

Massive decline of the world’s largest king penguin colony at Ile aux Cochons, Crozet
Mating preferences of selfish sex chromosomes
Neurophysiological coordination of duet singing
Non-cortical magnitude coding of space and time by pigeons
Occurrence, interactive effects and ecological risk of diclofenac in
environmental compartments and biota - a review
Rapid hybrid speciation in Darwin's finches
Recent natural selection causes adaptive evolution of an avian polygenic trait
Wild hummingbirds discriminate nonspectral colors Supplementary Informations

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