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Senses Species

Behavioural sciences Hearing Bears
Humans (Homo sapiens sapiens)
Biochemistry OLFACTION Bees (Apis mellifera) Insects and Spiders
Taste Birds
Monkeys and Apes
Evolution Touch Cats (small and big) Rodents
Genetics Vision Dogs, wolves and foxes (Canidae) Plants
Chemoception Elephant Prokaryotes

Thermoception Extint Sea animals

Electro and Magnetoception Horses Others

A Major Urinary Protein of the Domestic Cat Regulates the Production of Felinine, a Putative Pheromone Precursor
A New Multigene Family of Putative Pheromone Receptors
All in the Family – Touch Versus Olfaction in Moles
Axonal Odorant Receptors Mediate Axon Targeting
Combinatorial and Chemotopic Odorant Coding in the Zebrafish Olfactory Bulb Visualized by Optical Imaging
Dependence of Deodorant Usage on ABCC11 Genotype: Scope for Personalized Genetics in Personal Hygiene
Effects of urea on the olfactory reception in zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Elephant Albumin: A Multipurpose Pheromone Shuttle
Faecal bile acids are natural ligands of the mouse accessory olfactory system
From Pheromones to Behavior
Functional Identification of a Goldfish Odorant Receptor
Molecular Detection of Pheromone Signals in Mammals: from Genes to Behaviour

Molecular organization of vomeronasal chemoreception
Neurobiology of fish olfaction: a review
Noncoordinate Expression of Odorant Receptor Genes Tightly Linked in the Zebrafish Genome
Odor-evoked inhibition of olfactory sensory neurons drives olfactory perception in Drosophila
Olfaction: Diverse Species, Conserved Principles
Olfaction in zebrafish: what does a tiny teleost tell us?
Olfactory maps and odor images
Olfactory toxicity in fishes
Pheromon Signalling in the Mouse: Role of Urinary Proteins and Vomeronasal Organ
Olfactory maps and odor images
Odorant receptors: a plethora of G-protein coupled receptors
Responses of Vomeronasal Neurons to Natural Stimuli
Sniffing the human body volatile hexadecanal blocks aggression in men but triggers aggression in women
The functional organization of the fish olfactory system
Vomeronasal Receptors in Vertebrates and the Evolution of Pheromone Detection

Earth Sciences

Political Sciences

Space Sciences
Tools for sciences

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